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Contextual Psychology Techniques

One of the fastest ways to really help anxious and depressed clients function better!

12 Hours CE Credit $97.00

This is the course to take if you want to learn practical ways to help your clients in there very next session!

Here’s what you get…

  • 9 Hours of online or downloadable audio lectures
  • Listen in your home, office, or car!
  • 3 Hours of Professional Ethics Credit (12 hours total)
  • Comprehensive PDF Notes
  • A free copy of the eBook “Contextual Psychology” by Dr. Richard Nongard, LMFT

Course Content:

Imagine a CE course that teaches real world skills

Imagine having a set of resources, skills, and scripts for various processes that can guide even the most difficult clients into recovery. How would that re-energize your therapeutic work? Those resources are what this course provides.

Written by a practicing therapist, it is a clear and concise explanation of evidenced-based protocols and how to utilize them with real clients in real therapy. This course will show you how Mindfulness based psychologies can be practically implemented in a life changing way.

You will learn core elements and applications of Act Therapy, Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Stress Reduction and Positive Psychology. The course contains exercises and scripts for use with clients.

Although designed as a both a primer and practical training course, it cites studies and sources from peer-reviewed literature to support the integration of these techniques into a variety of therapeutic contexts.

Course Feedback:

This is one of our highest rated courses:

We have gotten great feedback form people about this course. They say it has re-energized their approach and helped the with practical skills.  Here is what what real world reviewer said on Amazon:

“This has been a great source of contextual methods and inspiration for further studies. I want to thank Nongard for his interesting and much needed compendium of contextual psychology and I’m looking forward to trying these therapeutic techniques in my future practice.”

Another reviewer said:

“Richard Nongard is quite profound and skilled in his work. He is a skilled therapist, teacher and author who has a great deal of knowledge to offer people. He provides great insight into using your skills. I would definitely recommend this book”

Only $97 for all 12 Hours