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Dr. Richard Nongard
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Dr. Richard Nongard
Community, Culture
and Identity

Dr. Richard Nongard an established keynote speaker for mental health professional associations. He has spoken throughout the US and Europe, and he is an internationally known author.

His books have been among the best-selling books in mental health counseling, and he is an engaging, dynamic and relevant speaker. When you select a keynote speaker the last thing you want to worry about is will they be engaging, dynamic and relevant. By hiring Dr. Richard Nongard, you have a proven expert. Call Richard at (702) 418-3332 to check the dates you have in mind.

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Just some of the many organizations Dr. Nongard has spoken to as a keynote speaker,
breakout session or pre-conference event:

EB-ACA European Branch of the American Counselors
Association Annual Conference

BVCASA Brazos Valley Council on Aloholism and Drug Abuse

ACA American Counseling Association Annual Convention

ICBCH International Certification Board for Professional Hypnosis

Dallas County Community Supervision and Corrections

Bexar County Community Supervision and Correction

TOADN Texas Organization for Associate Degree Nursing

ETCADA East-Texas Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse

River Crest Hospital

Day Spring Community Services

Texas Mental Health and Mental Retardation

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and let’s add your organization to this list!

Best Selling Books
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Dr. Richard Nongard will customize his presentation on mental health, social work, family therapy and/or addiction to your communities specific needs. We want your conference to be a success, so call (702) 418-3332, and no matter what topic we select, it is sure to:

  • Engage the Community
  • Change the Culture
  • Build Affirmative Identity

Dr. Richard Nongard, LMFT is the author of numerous books in counseling and mental health. His most recent book is Counseling People Who Have Killed Other People. He holds a master’s degree in counseling, an MBA in business marketing, and a doctorate in transformational leadership (cultural transformation) from Bakke Graduate University. He is now in the final stages of his Doctor of Psychology degree program at California Southern University.

You can reach him at:

Call (702) 418-3332

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