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This course is completely downloadable, in an audio format so you can earn CE hours anywhere. Take this course to the gym, learn in your office, or even in rush hour traffic.

Do you know the DSM-5® changes in Trauma and Stress Disorders?

Each new crisis has improved our ability to respond to crisis. The DSM has changed, and the research on crisis intervention strategies have yielded evidenced based protocols.

Do you know what strategies are deemed most effective during crisis response?

In grad school we probably learned models of crisis counseling, but you as a practitioner, you have probably found the models quite different than the real world. Our new crisis and trauma response workshop is predicated on evidenced based treatment, but firmly built on a foundation of human compassion.

This is a practical course, based on real-life interventions in the counseling, community and social work setting. Downloadable lectures punctuated by interviews with leading practitioners will be the format. These are just some of the topics explored:

  • Critical Incident Protocols
  • Applied models of crisis response in counseling
  • DSM-5 Changes in trauma and stress disorders
  • Emotions and mental illness
  • Addiction and incarceration
  • Terror, anxiety and public fear
  • Community chaos and disaster response
  • Situational safety response
  • Adults, teens and children in crisis
  • Evidenced based treatment in crisis counseling
  • Interviews with experts in the field of crisis response

Content Driven Interviews with Crisis Response Specialists

The format of this course is entirely audio with supplied notes and resources. You can listen to each lesson online or even download the course material to any phone, tablet or other device and get CE hours on the go.
  • 12 Easy to access .mp3 audio lessons
  • 12 corresponding resource handouts
  • 12 Hours of Approved CE hours (includes 3 hours of ethics)
  • 3 hours of online professional ethics
  • Access to our online social media group where hundreds of other therapists are exchanging ideas.

  • Lesson 1:  Crisis and Trauma Response
  • Lesson 2:  Applied Models of Crisis Counseling
  • Lesson 3:  DSM-5® Trauma and Stressor Related Disorders
  • Lesson 4:  Interview with 9/11 Crisis Counselor
  • Lesson 5:  Assessment in Crisis Response & Interviewing Skills
  • Lesson 6:  Techniques of Crisis Interviewing and Assessing Suicidal and Homicidal Risk
  • Lesson 7:  Suicide Prevention Strategies & Special Populations in Crisis Response
  • Lesson 8:  Interview: LGBT youth Homelessness and crisis response needs
  • Lesson 9:  Mindfulness & Acceptance Based Therapies in Crisis Response
  • Lesson 10:  Treatment Planning:  Cyberbullying and Criminal Activity trauma
  • Lesson 11:  Interview:  The Five-Minute Miracle
  • Lesson 12:  Organizational Response

You will also get the Creating Calm in Crisis Resource Set of .mp3′s teaching skills of creating calm in crisis that you can give to your clients. This training series is a tremendous resource for teaching clients a practical skill to take physical control over the emotions that are paralyzing them. You can give it away as a tool to all of your clients!

If you only take one course this year…

Then this should be it. Of all of the courses I have taught in the past 25 years, this is one of the most powerful. Your skill level and confidence will increase, and you will know how to respond in tough crisis situations.

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