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Ethics 4: Counseling Issues Online
Exploring the evolving area of online therapy and professional guidelines.
Ethics 9: HIPAA and Substance Abuse
All counselors, therapists and social workers who work with addicted clients or dual-diagnosed clients should be familiar with this mandated HIPAA confidentiality, documentation, and reporting ethics information
Ethics 10 – Crisis Management, Assessment and Decision Making
This ethics CE course covers assessment practice during crisis situations, working with suicidal clients, documentation of accepted protocol, diagnosing post-trauma clients, helping children who have experienced crisis, and provides a model for making difficult ethical decisions
Ethics 11 – Ethical Guidelines
This professional ethics CE course explores the core components of professional ethics in concept, discusses standards and practical use, and provides a model for making ethical decisions. Topics covered include sexual relations, confidentiality, supervision, client welfare, and more.
Ethics 6: Sexual Issues in Counseling
This ethics CE course addresses issues of inappropriate sexual relations between counselors and social workers and their clients, as well as between supervisors and supervisees.
Ethics 8: HIPAA, Privacy and Law
This ethics CE course discusses important information concerning therapy and social work patient privacy, electronic documentation, and information sharing regulations.
Issues in Counselor Supervision
Get the answers to common questions and practices concerning providing and receiving professional counseling supervision. Appropriate for relicensure needs of supervising counselors, therapists, and social workers.
A.C.T. Acceptance and Committment Therapy
This course overviews acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), discussing its components, practical therapeutic uses and evidence based outcomes for impacting client issues, altering destructive behavior patterns and emotional dissatisfaction
Client Strengths and Resources in Therapy – Using the N.S.R.I.
Strengths-Based Counseling. Assess and focus on what is RIGHT with the client, not just on what is wrong with them. Excellent structured information for intake and assessment, and intervention strategies for monitoring and motivating client progress.
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Cocaine Addiction Treatment
A fantastic practical overview of CBT applications. While the strategies given in this course discuss cocaine addiction treatment, they can easily be adapted to any addictive or behavioral compulsion – such as alcohol, tobacco, sexual obsession or spending.
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
This course provides an intensive overview of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), offering solution-focused brief therapy treatment methods for specific populations, including Borderline Personality Disorder, and discusses Distress Tolerance Training, Skills Training, Emotional Modulation and Mindfulness approaches.
Medications and Mental Illness
An excellent overview of psychotropic medications, classifications and uses. (FLORIDA ONLY: We do not offer a “Medical Errors” course.)
Mindfulness Based Therapy
This course overviews mindfulness-based therapy practices, discussing its various approaches, uses and evidence based outcomes for impacting client issues, from depression, anxiety, anger, personality disorders, and more.
Psychological and Counseling Interventions in Disaster
Understand the physical and emotional effects on survivors of natural and man-made disaster situations that may be treated by social workers and mental health counselors. Grief and Loss, Disaster Syndrome, PTSD and other Generalized Anxiety Disorders are defined and discussed, as well as special interventions for children.
Solution Focused Brief Therapy
This course discusses solution focused brief therapy (SFBT) approaches, reviewing techniques and strategies, and uses for impacting behavior and communication with various client populations.
VIDEO: Pornography Addiction: Therapeutic Approaches
Strategies and interventions for pornography addiction, obsessive thinking and sexual difficulties arising in marriage.
11 Solutions for Counseling Difficult Clients
Working with non-compliant, manipulating and sabotaging clients can be extremely frustrating. Based on strategies from Richard’s acclaimed book on difficult clients, this course offers honest reasons why clients are difficult – and provides solutions to help overcome these challenges. Eliminate denial, increase motivation and make healthy progress!
VIDEO: Counseling people Who Have Killed Other People
Recodred at a live workshop in Oklahoma City with Dr. Richard Nongard and David Parke. You wil have instant access to online streaming video and printable CEU certificate.
Clinical Hypnotherapy – A Primer
Whether you are new to hypnosis or have been practicing hypnotherapy for years, this CEU course will provide you with an excellent detailed overview. Learn how and why hypnotherapy works so well for aiding behavioral change, sample induction and deepener scripts, discuss abreaction, memory recall, use with children, and more!
Diagnosis: Evil – In Clinical Settings
Ever wonder if a client wasn’t really mentally ill, or even ineffectual, but instead maybe they were just plain evil? This course, based on Dr. Nongard’s hard-hitting and unique best selling psychology book, “Diagnosis: Evil – Identifying Those with No Excuse,” tackles true human evil – not religious or moral evil – by clearly defining identifying criteria, including behaviors, motivations, loveless emotions and malignant narcissistic personality traits. It even offers solutions.
Mental Health and Human Service Workers in Major Disasters
This course provides a structured response protocol for all mental health, social work and allied helping professionals, for responding to community and national crisis and disaster with emergency relief assistance. Includes specifics for working directly with clients and also coordinating and training professional and lay relief workers.
Nose Rings and Bellybutton Things – Counseling the Next Generation
This course explains that generational difference do exist, and they do make a difference in treatment! Whether you are an older professional working with younger clients, or vice versa, the information in this course can help you build better relationships and create more effective interventions. Bridging the generational gap helps lead to lasting change.
The Perfect-Victim Factor of Personality
This course, based on Dr. Richard Nongard’s book, offers powerful strategies for working with and overcoming co-existing narcissistic and dependent personality traits. Help clients focus on and maximize use of their existing personality strengths, to overcome frustrating deficits and cycles of almost success followed by failure, again.
Weight Loss and Fitness for Emotional Health
Being physically fit helps improve depression, self-esteem, confidence and sexual satisfaction. Who is more qualified than a behavioral health professional to help someone lose weight? This course provides nutrition and fitness guidelines, weight loss strategies and a get-started “Healthy By Habit” Game Plan designed to help clients improve their overall emotional and physical health.
Treating Abused and Neglected Children
Physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect – from behavioral and emotional signs and symptoms assessment, to appropriate treatment protocol, to case management – this course covers it all. If you work with children or teenagers, from infants to 18-year-olders, we recommend this course.
Assessment for Couples’ Conflict – Using the N.C.C.Q.
It often takes a while to get through the emotions and on to the real issues at play when relationships are in turmoil. This course offers a unique assessment approach which quickly pinpoints key areas of discord. Useful for both partners and individuals seeking help.
Assessment for Tobacco Addiction
Explore the 3 key assessment issues necessary to develop targeted intervention strategies for effective smoking cessation treatment. Helping people to quit smoking should be a vital component of all professional counseling, nursing, social work and psychology practices.
Chronic Pain Management
Explore treatment strategies for impacting chronic pain with both medications and non-medication alternative therapies. Practical info for all counselors, psychologists, social workers and nurses.
Innovative Approaches to Behavior Management for Adults and Adolescents
Destructive behaviors, from addiction to passive-aggressive communication to nail-biting to over-eating, etc can setback progress. This course takes a look at the ‘positives’ or rewards of unhealthy actions (the primary reasons we keep doing the things we know we shouldn’t do), and develops interventions designed to meet legitimate needs, in alternative healthy ways.
Issues of Pride in Counseling
Explore the concept of pride as it relates to social and family interactions; understand pride and shame as motivation for destructive behaviors and emotions, and develop strategies to make healthy change.
Practical Anger Management
Discuss 3 common approaches to managing anger, and learn the 5 tasks for effective anger management. Packed with practical targeted intervention strategies, worksheets and more.
Contextual Psychology and Relational Frame Theory
Complete this course and get 1 FREE Hour of CE Credit – instantly! Based on the new book Contextual psychology by Dr. Richard Nongard

accreditation-map-sealCE Board Approval Information
Each local and national professional board has its own specific Rules and Regulations for Continuing Education Credit Approval and Acceptance. While we do our best to stay current with the details of multiple boards in all 50 states, you are ultimately responsible for the acceptance or denial of your license renewal credit hours.

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